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Thank you for visiting our website. This site is a tribute to Rasheed Markis. On August 3rd, 2009, Rasheed was involved in a 2 vehicle accident where he lost over 40 pints of blood. He was not supposed to make it that night,
but because of the power of prayer and Allah, he made a miraculous comeback and has made a full recovery. This website was made as
a tribute to his comeback and to let those around the world know that miracles do happen. Questions? Contact: bilalmarkis@yahoo.com


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May Update: Elvis Thao — 46 Pints: 1st of 2 songs
about Rasheed's miraculous recovery in 2009.
Elvis Thao, best known for his role in Clint Eastwood's most succesful movie,
"Gran Torino," has used his musical ability to create his new single about
Rasheed's miracle comeback, titled "46 Pints." To hear a preview and purchase
the single, please see our CDBaby widget below. For more information regarding
Elvis Thao and additonal information regarding the meaning of the song and
more, please visit our CDBaby page at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/elvisthao

Elvis Thao: 46 Pints

Click here to learn more about "Elvis Thao – 46 Pints"

Click here to for "Elvis Thao – 46 Pints" Lyrics

Song Credits:

Elvis Thao – lead singer and songwriter

Blackwolf – background vocals
The Somali Bantu 6 (children’s choir) – background vocals
Daniel Mullen - guitar
Steven White - bass
Terry Garguilo – drums
Mike Robinson – harmonica
Carlos J. Olivares – congos
Bilal Markis – producer

Engineered, mixed and mastered by: Daniel Zelonky
@ National Recording, LLC (Milwaukee, WI)


Please click thumbnail above to view full picture.

Picture 1: Rasheed Markis and Elvis Thao
Picture 2: Elvis Thao and Bilal Markis.

June Update: Radio Interview in Chicago with
Bilal Markis, Elvis Thao and Ruthann Amarteifio

Bilal Markis returns to visit Ruthann Amarteifio on her radio show. Elvis Thao
joins the conversation to tell about his new song titled "46 Pints" which is
inspired by Rasheed's miracle comeback after his 2009 accident.

For your convenience, we have uploaded the interview below:


January Update: Radio Interview in Chicago with
Bilal Markis and Ruthann Amarteifio

I was blessed to be on Ruthann's radio station in Chicago. Enjoy Ruthann
and myself chatting about the future of my Miracle ComeBack project.


January Update: Elias Inspirational Comment
Elias who was my son Rasheeds former mentor, wrote an inspiration
about Rasheed that will bring tears to your eyes.

Please click here to read his inspiration.


December Update: Rasheed's Story featured in 2 magazines
Rasheed's dad recently wrote two articles for U'th time, an India youth
magazine, and also Salem news in California regarding Rasheed's
miracle story.

To read the U'th time article, please visit their website here.

To read Salem News article, please visit their website here.


December Update: New Inspirational Comments Added.
We have added 6 new inspirational comments to our collection. To view,
please click one of the photos above to go to the lates updated page.
We have more comments to come, so please come back soon for more!


November Update: Neighborhood Block Watch
I thought it was important to try and clear my street of any crime and
unwanted gang members and gang activity. So i decided to become
Captain of my Neighborhood Watch program. My son Rasheed almost died
as a result of being part of gang activity, so i take it personal to keep it away
from myself and my children. Bilal Markis....


November Update: New Inspirational Comments
We have added 3 new inspirational comments to our website. Please
click on each of the pictures above toread the new comments, or click on
the link below view our "Inspirations" section.

Click Here To View Inspiration Section.


May Update: Ride of Silence 2012
I would like to thank Chris Kiegal, who is the owner of Wheel and Sprocket
in Foxpoint for allowing me and my children to use his bikes in "The Ride of
Silence 2012" bike ride once again:) And i would also like to Thank Liza
Le'Claire who works out of the Hales Corners location Wheel and Sprocket
for inviting us to attend the bike ride once again. The Ride of Silence has
become very important for me and my children to attend each year and has
touched me so much, that i am planning on starting a Ride of Silence bike
ride in Indonesia sometime in the future. Bilal Markis.....


April Update: New Inspirational Comments Added
We have added 6 new inspirational comments to our collection. To view,
please click one of the photos above to go to the lates updated page.
We have more comments to come, so please come back soon for more!


March Update: Rasheed's miracle has no boundaries...
In late November 2011, I made the trip of a life time. I went to Indonesia
and got married:) . My sons miracle of life not only surprised 1000s but it made
me and my wife both realize that we were meant to be together as husband
and wife. This life is so short and we plan on living each day as if it could be
our last InshAllah(God willing) because it just may be. I hope that we all can
take atleast 5 minutes out of our busy schedules and ponder upon our existence
so that we may realize our purpose in this life, no matter what religion we follow.

Bilal M.


February Update: Jammin' 98.3 FM Earl Stokes Radio
Interview With Bilal Markis and Photos

We have added new 3 new photos (above) to our website from our last blood
drive with Jammin 98.3. Bilal Markis was also a guest on Earl Stokes radio
show, which you listen to online by click the "play" button below.


February Update: New Video Added to Website
Our video section has been updated with a new video showing multiple
news coverage throughout Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about Rasheed and
footage of the actual scene of the accident.

Click Here To View Video Section.


February Update: New Inspirational Comment
We have added a new comment to our "Inspirations" section from Bianca,
who wrote to us from South Africa.

Click Here To View Inspiration Section.


November Update: Elvis Thao Inspirational Comment
We have a new addition to our "Inspirations" section. Actor/Musician - Best known
for his role in the 2008 Clint Eastwood film "Gran Torino" - Elvis Thao met with
Rasheed and Bilal recently and was thankful enough to write a comment for our
website. Click Here or Image (Above) to Read Comment!


November Update: Miracle ComeBack V and Gift of Life
Team-up Blood Drive took place on November 19, 2011

Thank you to all of those that we're able to make it out to our latest blood drive
that was held on November 19, 2011 at the Northcott Neighborhood Center,
located on 2460 N. 6th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Please check back for more information regarding future blood drives.


November Update: Support Upcoming Documentary Film
To all my Miracle ComeBack fans and to those first time vistors, I am in need
of your support for my Inspirational Documentary Film Funding Project.
This project will be a documentary based on my son's miracle of life and hopefully
will give others hope to take life more serious and to enjoy life one day at a time
as we dont know what tomorrow has in store for us.

Please visit my link http://www.everribbon.com/ribbon/view/1910 and please
do your best to help make our dream become a reality. If you would like to
contact me personally, please email me at bilalmarkis@yahoo.com


October Update: A Note From Bilal and Picture Update (Above)
"Welcome to my Miracle ComeBack IV blood drive that took place in September
2011. As usual, people are starting to take blood drives more serious and thats
always a blessing:) My Miracle ComeBack blood drives will continue to flourish
inshAllah and of course it cant happen without the support of the people.
Please join us for our future ones. Miracle ComeBack V coming November 19th
and will post this when its over."


September Update: Rasheed's Eid al-Filtr Day 2011
This is Rasheed in the green shirt enjoying his Eid Al Fitr day, which is the
holiday for Muslims the day after the Holy month of Ramadan is over. Ramadan is
more special to us because Rasheed's birthday in 2009 started on his hospital
bed on the day of his birthday on August 22nd 2009. May Allah give Rasheed
many more Ramadans to come inshAllah(God willing)...


August Update: August 3rd Anniversary Interview (FOX 6)
This month we have added several new photos and a new interview video
featuring Rasheed and his father Bilal during an interview with FOX 6 News
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This video took place on August 3rd, 2011, which
is the anniversary date of Rasheed's miraculous comeback in 2009.
To enlarge the photos, just click on any of the thumbnail pictures above.

To view the entire interview video that was aired on FOX 6, you can either
visit our Video Section - Click Here or view the video with a brief article at
the FOX 6 website link below:

View Video and Article from FOX 6 News Website


August Update: Miracle ComeBack IIII Blood Drive
Although the date and location is still to be determined, we would like to
let everyone know that we will be organizing another blood drive very soon.
Please continue to look for more updates in the upcoming weeks with
additional information regarding Miracle ComeBack IIII Blood Drive!


June 2011 Updates

June Update: Actual Police Report from the Accident
Above is the actual report for Rasheed's accident. The first photo is of
the actual scene where the accident occurred. The police report on the
right side is proof that even the police thought my son's life was taken
away from him. This was written at the scene of the accident on August
4th, 2009, a few hours after the accident happened on August 3rd.


June Update: New Videos Added
We have added several movies to our collection. The videos added consist
of Rasheed's first television interview with Fox 6 in Milwauke, Wisconsin.
The second video is about bike safety, courtesy of Warshafsky's Law.
The last series of videos is actual footage of the Ride of Silence 2010 in
Fox Point, Wisconsin. We will have video from this year's Ride of Silence 2011
coming soon! Ride of Silence video footage was recorded by Abel Romero.

Click Here to View New Videos


June Update: More Inspirations Added
We have updated the Inspirations section with some comments from Rasheed's
friend Arun Bhandari, Danielle Sands, and William Rodriguez, who is a 9/11
survivor and activist. Click the link below to read their comments.

Click Here to View New Inspirations


April 2011

April Update: Miracle ComeBack Blood Drive III Review

Thank you for everyone that came out to our latest blood drive with
the BloodCenter of Wisconsin. It was another succesful blood drive,
but most importantly is how your contributions will save lives.
Please keep checking out or website for more information about
future blood drives and events (Especially the 2011 Ride of Silence,
more information below). Again, Thank you to everyone who came out,
and Miracle ComeBack 4 will be coming soon.


April Update: 2011 Ride Of Silence Bike Ride
I invite each and everyone of you to join the "Ride Of Silence" bike
ride world wide.This ride is done in complete silence, to remember
those bicyclist who were killed or injured while riding there bicycles.
This event is on May 18th, 2011 and is always on the 3rd wednesday
of May everywhere throughout the world. Please visit the link below
to for more information around your area. We will be at the Fox Point
location in (Milwaukee) Wisconsin. Hope to see you there!

Click Here for additional Ride of Silence Information


March 2011 Updates

March Update: New Inspirational Comments

The Inspiration section has been updated with some new pictures
and comments from James "Buster" Douglas, Bruce Buffer,
Bill Wallace, Omar Weston, Rasheed's surgeon Dr. Calkins and more.
To view all of our Inspirations, please click here :
View Inspirations.


March Update: Miracle ComeBack III Blood Drive

Miracle ComeBack III Blood Drive will be on April 2nd 2011 at the YMCA
located on 1350 West North Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Scheduled hours
will 9am-2pm. .Miracle ComeBack will be joining YMCA's Community blood
drive for this event. Please come and bring your friends. If you are 16 or 17
years of age, you will need a note from your parents. Come meet my son
Rasheed, who in August 2009 was run over by 2 trucks and survived after
losing 46 pints of blood through surgery. Also Rasheeds brother Elijah will
there. Elijah witnessed his brothers accident and Rasheeds biggest fan,
his sister Yasmeen will attend the 1st blood drive and may do a tv interview
if the media is interested in attending. Hope to see you there!

For more information, please vist:: View Upcoming Events


March Update: In My Own Words, by Bilal Markis
This is something Bilal wrote, giving his persepctive on the whole situation
involiving his son and his miracle comeback from the car accident. Please take
a look at this to read the entire article.

If you would like to read more, please click: "In My Own Words"


February 2011 Updates

February Update: New Inspirational Comments
The Inspiration section has been updated with some new pictures
and comments from celebrities like Tommy "The Duke" Morrison,
Omar Regan, James "Quick" Tillis, Demond Wilson, and Dr. Omar Zaid.
To view all of our Inspirations, please click here :
View Inspirations.


February Update: 9 Reasons For Donating Blood

Here are a few reasons for donating blood, based on a family news
story from WFTV Orlando News. To read the entire article, please visit
the WFTV website here: Click Here to View Entire Article.

1. Someone needs blood every 3 seconds in this country. An average
of 40,000 units are needed every day in the U.S. There is no substitute
for human blood.

2. 60% of the population will need blood at some time in their lives,
yet less than 5% of the population donates.

3. Disasters like car accidents, fires, and other trauma cases happen
every day and these patients need blood, and rarely do they need only
one pint. A bleeding trauma victim can run through 100 units of blood
in no time. Read More.


February Update: Kid Bicycle Accidents – Helmets
Protect Against Head Injury

This article talks about how helmets should always be worn when
riding a bicycle. To read the entire article, please visit the Rozek Law
Offices, S.C. website here:
Click Here to View Entire Article.

1. Each year, approximately 140 children are killed on bikes.

2. Children sustain more than 275,000 nonfatal bicycle injuries
each year.

3. Nearly 690 children are injured daily due to bicycle accidents.

4. Other than the car, bikes are the cause of more childhood injuries
than any other consumer product. Read More.


December 2010

December Update: Miracle ComeBack III Blood Drive
We are planning our 3rd blood drive and will have a date and time set
in the near future, so stay tuned. Also, don't forget to click on the new
photos of Rasheed for a national magazine, which will be announced later.

All photos were taken by Abel Romero (including front of welc ome page.)


September 2010

September Update: MapLoco added to Website.
Here is a visitor map that shows where all of our visitors are viewing our
website from. Thanks for all of the visits!

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!


Hispanic News Network Blog
Our last event, Miracle ComeBack 1st year anniversary, was recently written
about in a blog at http://www.hispanicnewsnetwork.blogspot.com/
. Below is
a an excerpt of the blog. To read the full blog, please click here.

"Milwaukee - On Tuesday, Rasheed Markis, 13, celebrated his one year
anniversary after almost losing his life at the age of 12 in an accident.
Rasheed on August 3, 2009 was riding his bicycle and following
his brother along S. 16th Street and W. Greenfield Ave. when he went
through a red light and was then hit by an SUV
(Read More.)


New Inspiration Photos.
We have updated the Inpirations section with more photos of the some
of the people who wrote some inspirational comments. Please visit the
Inspirations section, or simply click on one of the photos above.
(Click a photo to view the Inspirations section..)


August 2010 Updates

Rasheed meets those who helped.
Just this past month, Rasheed was able to meet the people who helped
save his life. Above are a couple pictures of the Police and Firefighters who
were involved in helping Rasheed with his miraculous comeback. We were
also able to get the actual police emergency call, which you can listen to by
clickin the play button below. Thank you for all of those who helped in saving
Rasheed's life that night.
(Click photos to enlarge.


Rasheed and Bilal Markis on Fox 6 News (Mlwaukee, WI)
Last month, Rasheed and Bilal Markis were broadcasted live on FOX 6
news in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during their morning show. Above are a
few pictures that were taken with the staff. Also you can click on the link
below to view the actual newscast segments. The segment was used
for Rasheed and Bilal to promote the "Miracle ComeBack II" Blood Drive
event that was held earlier in the month of July.

Click here to view Fox 6 News segment.


Miracle ComeBack II Event: Thank you for coming out!

Thank you for everyone that came out to the "Miracle Comeback II" blood
drive event on July 25th. Pictures have been uploaded into two flash
presentations that can be viewed in the Scheduling and Upcoming Events
pages. Thanks again and stay tuned for the next blood driver event.

Also, on August 3, 2010, we are having a 1st year anniversary for Rasheed
and his miraculous comeback and full recovery. The event is listed in the
Upcoming Events section with more information. Click here to find out more.


Please navigate the site for more information regarding the purpose
of this website. Contact bilalmarkis@yahoo.com if you have any questions.